Time for a slight change up…

For the longest time (ok maybe three years) I kept a tea/coffee blog. Well, life with a toddler didn't allow for much in the way of keeping that up. So I'm combining the tea blog with this one as a one stop posting shop. Simplifying is clearly the way to go if I'm ever going... Continue Reading →


Rain rain go away…

I was hoping to get outside this morning with ToddlerCroft to burn off the energy he stored up overnight. At first I thought for sure it was sunny out. But as if someone flipped a switch rain and lots of it. Curses plans foiled again. So here I sit typing while he watches "The Furchester... Continue Reading →

Wait ToddlerCroft?

Right, so┬áthis one came about while he was still cooking. I went to a Sherlock Holmes Convention in Maryland called GridLOCKDC (seriously fun times) when I was about 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I may have been further along, all I remember was I was still in the safe fly zone. Anyway one of my... Continue Reading →

Do you hear that?

Nope, you hear nothing. Why? Because ToddlerCroft is asleep and dreaming of turning my living room upside down tomorrow. Seriously take a good look at the image up there. You can see my nice and neat living room, no toys thrown about. What you don't see is the laundry basket under the table full of... Continue Reading →

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