Time for a slight change up…

For the longest time (ok maybe three years) I kept a tea/coffee blog. Well, life with a toddler didn't allow for much in the way of keeping that up. So I'm combining the tea blog with this one as a one stop posting shop. Simplifying is clearly the way to go if I'm ever going... Continue Reading →


I do believe in fairies!

In one of the babywearing chatter groups (where we talk about wraps specific to a particular company) fairies have started to pop up. Not the kind that fly, but the kind that anonymously grant wishes. I've been visited by the Cari Fairy, as they're known a few times. Usually after noting a rather hard week... Continue Reading →


I haven't been in the baby wearing community long. Less than a year actually. Though I admit it feels like much longer. Unless I'm way off I'll actually celebrate a year in early-July, but I'd honestly have to go look at my pictures to tell you for sure. Anyway, I had a point with this... Continue Reading →


I've recently had a lot of fluff arrive at my house. For those not in the know, fluff typically means baby wearing mail. Once of which I ordered with a friend and the other two are just passing through for now. Though my husband about had a heart attack when he kept seeing broken down... Continue Reading →

It’s Love

Oddly enough it wasn't love when I first saw the pre-order for Serenade of Water open in Cari Sling Chatter. Why? Nothing against the wrap at all. The color was gorgeous but I didn't really consider myself a gamer. So I felt like I would be a phony if I ordered the wrap. But still... Continue Reading →

Why Browncoat Momma?

Weird right? Well, not if you know me. In this house we love geeky things. One of our favorite things is the show Firefly. Now it's not on the air anymore (which is super irritating...thanks FOX!) but it's still got a huge following of people who call themselves...you guessed it Browncoats. These were the guys... Continue Reading →

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