Model Toddler

It's not often we get to model a wrap. Ok we've never gotten to do this. I know what you might be thinking...don't you generally keep your little dude's face off the internet? We do, but there are exceptions to every rule. Plus both the hubs and I agreed this would be cool. So we... Continue Reading →

Mommy’s Night Out

So last night I went to go see Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-In Tour at our local theatre. The ticket for me was free, but I wasn't expecting the seat to be in the FIRST row. I don't think I've ever sat first row for anything before. Ok, not true, Blue Man Group was front row.... Continue Reading →

Rain rain go away…

I was hoping to get outside this morning with ToddlerCroft to burn off the energy he stored up overnight. At first I thought for sure it was sunny out. But as if someone flipped a switch rain and lots of it. Curses plans foiled again. So here I sit typing while he watches "The Furchester... Continue Reading →

Oh hey Monday…

Goodness do I ache. We took ToddlerCroft to an indoor play place Saturday and I took him down a twisty enclosed slide. This was a mistake. I am so sore from holding myself funny when I took him down. Added bonus today...someone who isn't me shoved too much breakfast in his mouth so I got... Continue Reading →

I am Apple scum

So I'm not really scum, but I do like my apple products. Long story short we had a groovy tax return and opted to give ourselves some green to play with. I wanted to upgrade my Fitbit. You can see by the image above that worked out well. I looked at the FitBit Blaze, but... Continue Reading →

How I met your father

I swear this story will not take a bajillion seasons to get through only to end up ticked in the end. This one has an awesome ending. Right so there I was returning to college in my mid-twenties ay yet another all women college. Second semester a few of my friends say they were going... Continue Reading →

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