Momma time and the tiny squish

I was off getting some much needed momma alone time this morning (read mani/pedi). While I was in the pedicure chair a momma came in with her friend. So what? What I failed to notice first was the Infantino carrier and tiny 3 month old in it. Of course once she took her out my... Continue Reading →


En Pointe

Last Friday night I found myself lost in the ballet. Meaning it was visually stunning and I also had no idea what the point of some of the movements were about. But I still enjoyed myself immensely! It reminded me of my much younger days of taking ballet and wishing I had stayed with it... Continue Reading →


I haven't been in the baby wearing community long. Less than a year actually. Though I admit it feels like much longer. Unless I'm way off I'll actually celebrate a year in early-July, but I'd honestly have to go look at my pictures to tell you for sure. Anyway, I had a point with this... Continue Reading →


I've recently had a lot of fluff arrive at my house. For those not in the know, fluff typically means baby wearing mail. Once of which I ordered with a friend and the other two are just passing through for now. Though my husband about had a heart attack when he kept seeing broken down... Continue Reading →

It’s Love

Oddly enough it wasn't love when I first saw the pre-order for Serenade of Water open in Cari Sling Chatter. Why? Nothing against the wrap at all. The color was gorgeous but I didn't really consider myself a gamer. So I felt like I would be a phony if I ordered the wrap. But still... Continue Reading →

Model Toddler

It's not often we get to model a wrap. Ok we've never gotten to do this. I know what you might be thinking...don't you generally keep your little dude's face off the internet? We do, but there are exceptions to every rule. Plus both the hubs and I agreed this would be cool. So we... Continue Reading →

Mommy’s Night Out

So last night I went to go see Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-In Tour at our local theatre. The ticket for me was free, but I wasn't expecting the seat to be in the FIRST row. I don't think I've ever sat first row for anything before. Ok, not true, Blue Man Group was front row.... Continue Reading →

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