I am Apple scum

So I'm not really scum, but I do like my apple products. Long story short we had a groovy tax return and opted to give ourselves some green to play with. I wanted to upgrade my Fitbit. You can see by the image above that worked out well. I looked at the FitBit Blaze, but... Continue Reading →

How I met your father

I swear this story will not take a bajillion seasons to get through only to end up ticked in the end. This one has an awesome ending. Right so there I was returning to college in my mid-twenties ay yet another all women college. Second semester a few of my friends say they were going... Continue Reading →

Wait ToddlerCroft?

Right, so this one came about while he was still cooking. I went to a Sherlock Holmes Convention in Maryland called GridLOCKDC (seriously fun times) when I was about 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I may have been further along, all I remember was I was still in the safe fly zone. Anyway one of my... Continue Reading →

Do you hear that?

Nope, you hear nothing. Why? Because ToddlerCroft is asleep and dreaming of turning my living room upside down tomorrow. Seriously take a good look at the image up there. You can see my nice and neat living room, no toys thrown about. What you don't see is the laundry basket under the table full of... Continue Reading →

Why Browncoat Momma?

Weird right? Well, not if you know me. In this house we love geeky things. One of our favorite things is the show Firefly. Now it's not on the air anymore (which is super irritating...thanks FOX!) but it's still got a huge following of people who call themselves...you guessed it Browncoats. These were the guys... Continue Reading →

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