Time for an Update!

We made it through January! Didn’t it seem like that month was never going to end? I felt like it wouldn’t seeing as EVERYONE in the house caught the weird cold thing that is still running wild. I ended up with bronchitis, the husband had a sinus infection, and thankfully the little one was just a snotty mess. But it made us all miserable and basically stay home the last half of the month. Well, my husband went to work, but I had to turn down play dates and the like for the little because I just didn’t want to risk it…in fact I still don’t. So while we have free passes to our favorite indoor play place those will have to wait until maybe March to see use.

As for me using my planners more. That too fell by the wayside last month. But this month I’ve already laid out the big things I need to do for the home, blog, and freelance work I do. The trick is actually looking at the planner first thing every day. The new plan is to leave it on the counter near my coffee stuff in the hopes that I’ll take a look at it.I may even set a daily alarm on my phone to remind me. That and I bought some awesome stickers to jazz up and make my planner less dull. We’ll see how it works.

As for my reading. I’ve managed to finish one of the books in the Patrick Melrose series. I may have set myself up with a bit of a high goal here. But we’ll see, I still have 11 months left! Fingers crossed I can do it. I’d rather not have another year of only reading children’s books!

How are your 2018 goal going? Are you ahead or behind?


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