Baked Potato Soup {Instant Pot}

After a massive [read burned pasta to the bottom of my instant pot] fail on Monday I was super nervous to try out another recipe in the instant pot. BUT I pressed on (ha ha) and hoped for the best especially with guests coming over for dinner.

I used this recipe and followed it to the letter. The only thing I didn’t take into account was how long it would take to get up to pressure. I thought it would take maybe 10 minutes…it took closer to 25 which pushed back dinner by a bit. However, no burned pot and the soup was delicious. The one change I would make would be to drain a little of the broth before mashing the potato. That might help it thicken up a bit more. That being said the soup was awesome and everyone had at least 3-4 servings AND the toddler at least tried it, but didn’t care for it even with additional cheese. Go figure.

I of course got no pictures of the soup as I was too busy stuffing my face. But I will certainly make this one again as it was a big hit. Other recipes I’m looking at trying in the coming weeks are Pho with Chicken. We have a great Pho place but it’s so out of the way I might as well try my hand at making my own. The other is a Quinoa bowl that looks like a lot of fun to make and then assemble. Stay tune for my future kitchen antics. They are bound to amuse or at the very least you’ll find something you want to try in your kitchen.



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