Starting the New Year with planning!

Earlier in the Fall a friend mentioned they were backing (via Kickstarter) a company called Passion Planner and I’ll admit I first thought it had to do with Passion Parties or something like it. So my curiosity level now at 11 I checked out their Kickstarter. I was instantly sold and backed for the reward of the Classic Planner you see in the featured image. I knew it was going to be big, but this this is huge! After flipping through it I realized I should have gotten one of the compact ones for my purse/daily use. Well, as luck would have it they had some available after the Kickstarter, and I had some birthday money.

As you can see there is a lot of room in this thing. Plenty of space in each day of the week. Plus side and bottom note space. It’s amazing. [mage of the inside of a planner on the month page. There are sections filled in for two weeks.]
The planner arrived two weeks later. When it arrived I thought I made a huge mistake. Did I really need two? BUT I’m also a member of their chat forum on Facebook. So I saw there were others with the same problem. I found the solution to my issue there. Use the compact for my personal needs: appointments, playdates, meal planning etc. Then I would use the large one for my blog and small business scheduling. Well, this morning I started setting that up and I am so happy with this choice. In fact I’m waiting on some more organizing stickers to really make this and the compact MINE. I’ll post those updates on Instagram.

I love all the space that the planner offers…even in the compact planner. There was more space than I thought there would be. I’ve started taking time on Sunday mornings with my coffee to sit and plan out my week in both planners. The nice thing about the blog/social media planner is I use tools to help me schedule those too so I can really keep to the schedule I set myself and it makes my life just that much easier. On day I’ll break out a post on that tool too if anyone is interested that is.

[image of a week layout with times listed as well as additional space at the bottom. A white hand is seen holding the book open.]
So I also like the weekly layout a lot (see the photo to the right). In both of my previous planners I had to guess where each time would fall in the weekly part of the planner and sometimes that left me fresh out of room to plan with. The time runs from 6am to 10:30pm with half an hour intervals. Perfect (in most cases) for me. But I like seeing my day planned out like this.

Again you also get side spots labeled: This weeks focus and Good things that happened. I like that there are these prompts to help you focus your planner to fit your needs and wants. There are also quotes and other little prompts on the side panel. At the bottom there are priorities for both work and personal and on the opposite page is a space of “infinite possibility”. I swear they’ve thought of everything with these planners. They even make academic planners which I hear are pretty awesome for students and teachers alike.

[image of two pages with three sets of questions on each page and lines to write your answers. A white hand again is holding the page open.]
Finally there are the two pages for monthly reflection. Which I didn’t think I’d use at first. But with moving to using one for the blog and part-time work I think it will come in handy for sure. So those are my planners. The only thing I didn’t show you was the road map. It’s at the very front and it is supposed to be a way to direct where you want to go with your year.

But I’ll admit these two pages intimate me to no end. So I’m not touching them just yet, But maybe I’ll give them a go as the year goes on. Maybe. They are still available for purchase from the company website and come in dated and undated with Monday and Sunday starts.

So do you use a planner? If so which one? Why does it work for you?


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  1. Nerd Alert, but one of my favorite things about the start of a New Year is my new Planner! There is just something about the blank, crisp pages just waiting to be filled. This year, I went with a planner from and I am in love with it. It has the full monthly calender view of the entire year in the first part of the planner and then it has weekly pages too. On each weekly page there is a space for a “to-do” list and there is also a “this and that” space for a list. Each week there is also a weekly quote to enjoy. This week’s quote says, “If you want to lift yourself up, life someone else up.”-Booker T. Washington. This planner works for me because it keeps my daily appointments and things separate from my to-do’s and allows me enough room to write notes and things. I’ve had planners before where the space is so limited you can’t write very much, let alone keep track of to-do’s for each day. The only down fall of this planner is that it is BIG (like an 8×10 planner). I typically keep mine sitting next to my computer and don’t take it with me though so it wasn’t a deal breaker. I keep impt. dates and things in my google calendar on my phone as well for when I am away from it. I have always been the type of person though who needs to write things down and be able to cross them off and have something out for me to visably see at all times this is why I can’t break the habit of a tangible planner vs. using just my cell phone to keep organized 100%.

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    1. That sounds like an awesome planner. This is why I grabbed a compact version when they were on sale as the one in the featured image is HUGE. I’m hoping I can actually keep up with it. Yeah I too nerd out about planners, pens, and new journals.


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