Rustic Windmills #BijouReviewCrew

Last year (ha!) I was contacted by Jaime Gassmann, owner of Bijou Wear. She messaged me because she heard I was interested in eco2cotton. I was in the market doing my Sunday shopping and quickly responded that I was very interested in eco2cotton as we’d sold out only eco2cotton wrap a few weeks or so before. She asked if I’d like to try out a new unreleased wrap for a few weeks with the option to buy if we loved it. Naturally I said yes because yes.

A week or so later, when we were of course out at my parents the wrap arrived with my mug I had ordered on cyber Monday. Needless to say I was eager to get home and try it out. Though I knew I’d have to wash it first which meant we’d be wrapping tomorrow. However, when I opened the box I noticed that the wrap wasn’t in usual Bijou packaging… So I naturally messaged Jaime to check to see if it had already had it’s first bath. I was thrilled to learn it was ready to wrap with. Though a little sad as I love the loom to bloom shots too.

[Image of a bespectacled white woman wearing a pink turtleneck and black v-neck. She is wrapping with a red-orange and white wrap with windmill design. The middle marker is smack in the middle of her chest.]
All I had to do was take it out of the box for #ToddlerCroft to say “Ups Momma!” And up we went. I went with my go to double hammock and somehow managed to nail the middle marker first time out. I was so excited and wanted to share, but the spambargo was still in place and would be for a few weeks. So I bombarded Jaime with photos (sorry Jaime).

Right off the bat I could tell this was going to take some breaking in. Not a problem, my 23 pound toddler and I were up to the challenge. Though I will say it is very grippy and glides where it needs to be. The best part is it’s a toddler prison. Once #ToddlerCroft is up, he’s up and not going anywhere at all. Which I love because he’s trying to win Olympic Gold in seat popping!

When the time was up to either buy this pretty or send her on to the next caregiver I knew what had to be done. Yep, I asked for an invoice. I couldn’t let this one go. We were both in love. The little mister would ask for “red mills Momma” for most naps. I was happy to help him out and break this one in some more.

I have some picky shoulders when it comes to some wraps. But this one is just awesome on my shoulders and back. Not only does it support me, but also the weight of the heavy toddler. Which I for one love. We’ve only tried 3 or 4 carries so far… Front Wrap Cross Carry, Annies Front Wrap Cross Carry, Double Hammock, and Ruck. But each and every wrap was SOLID as a rock. Even when my wrap jobs were lacking we were both still very comfortable in the carry selected.

Seriously if you have a bigger toddler or even an infant you can’t go wrong adding Rustic Windmills to your stack. Don’t want to make a commitment? Join Bijou Buzz and put out an in search of for a traveler. Buzzers are really generous with sharing the Bijou love to new members. I’ll leave you with a few more photos of us in our Rustic. Let me know if you’ve ever tried Bijou and what wraps you’ve tried out.

[image of a bespectacled white woman with short hair. Her toddler is sleeping on her chest in a red-orange and white wrap with windmills.]
[image taken with flash of an unseen toddler asleep in a wrap. The wrong side is shown or red-orange windmill and white wrap.]


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