Happy Birthday #ToddlerCroft!

Yep, as usual blogging has fallen to the last thing I do on my list. Well, here’s hoping this year is different. Hey I can try!

Anyway, January 1st #ToddlerCroft turned 2! Time really does fly as it seemed just like yesterday that he was born. But here he is 2! Running and jumping everywhere. Speaking in mostly understandable sentences. It’s wild. I’m really excited to see what this next year brings.

Of course the tantrums have already started. But I think it’s more out of frustration because we don’t know what he wants. Yes, some of it is just being 2. But I’m taking some advice from other caregivers. For example when he starts throwing a tantrum getting down on his level (instead of looking down at him) and telling him that I understand he’s upset and ask him why he’s upset. Seven times out of ten this works and he settles down and tells me what’s wrong. The other three times we just let it run it’s course and carry on with that we’re doing.

On his birthday we celebrated with family at our house with good food and an even better cake. His Aunt works in a bakery and made him an awesome Mushu (from Mulan) cake. The little LOVES the movie Mulan. He can even repeat parts of it just before the words are said. In fact we might be watching it right now for the 304th time.

[image of a white cake with red and black design around the outside. The words Happy 2nd Birthday is in black. There is a cartoon drawing of Mushu the dragon on the right.]
I heard the cake was pretty fantastic, it wasn’t gluten free so none for me. It’s ok I made dark chocolate brownies for me. The toddler got a lot of fun toys from his guests. Then had a pretty epic nap when everyone left. Since then he’s enjoyed playing with his new toys from his birthday and Christmas. With his playing his dad and I have learned we’ll need to head to Target for some storage bins for everything before his friends party on Saturday.

A few of our friends and their littles will come over for pizza and another cake made by his Aunt. This time of his girl Sofia the First. He loves her and I can’t wait to see his face when he sees her on the cake. I’m sure he’ll have a great time and even better all the kids will sleep pretty well after food and playtime at our house. At least that’s the hope.

As for this blog I’m wondering if I should keep the name or not? It does speak to my geeky side, but maybe it needs to change to something else? Why? Because a lot of my posts aren’t at all geeky. Give me your thoughts below or on Facebook.

Happy New Year!


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