Raven Has Landed!

*Full disclosure I admin for DBG Baby’s chatter group on Facebook.

If you’ve been following along here or on my Instagram or Facebook page you know we love wraps (and baby wearing in general). What you may not know is one of my favorite fandoms is Harry Potter. We’ve tried a few wraps from different companies who had Potter inspired wraps. One we didn’t love at all, the other we loved, but the size was WAY too much for my short arms. Enter DBG Baby a new wrap company, but not new to geeking out. The owners also run Designed By Geeks where you can download geeky and non-geeky embroidery, applique, and SVG files for sewing or electronic cutting machines. Now you can also buys some ready to wear or hang (in some cases) designs too!

[image of a blue and silver tote with Harry Potter symbols and words on it. There is a booklet in front of the bag on the chair. It’s next to a navy cat tree in front of a window.]
So their first wrap out was called Spellbound Snitch. A gold and cream colored wrap with symbols and words inspired by Harry Potter. Which was cool, but yellow/gold are not my colors. That being said I loved the wrap qualities (good grip and nice glide) when we had it here for a visit. So naturally when it was announced that there would be the same design in house colors I was all over it! Even better, to appeal to both movie and film fans there would be two different wrap colors for Ravenclaw. Eagle – blue and bronze and Raven – blue and silver. Yes, I am a bad Ravenclaw who went with Raven when placing my pre-order. I just really love the blue and silver ok?

Imagine my surprise when a few days ago I get a text from USPS that a package is on it’s way to me from Atlanta, GA. I happen to know that DBG Baby HQ is located there…so I got excited. But not too excited because for all I knew it was a book or some nonsense my husband had ordered. So I waited until yesterday when it updated to Out for Delivery. Which are three of my most favorite words. Naturally the mail arrived as I was upstairs and almost ready to transfer the toddler to his crib for nap time. Lucky for me it was a quick process because when I got downstairs there was a package there…but the one with Atlanta tracking was not to be found.

Now this next bit my neighbors will be making fun of me FOR years. In fact we might have to move in any of them saw this. I’m simultaneously on the phone calling my post office and chasing down the delivery truck/carrier to ask where my package was. Thankfully he stopped and I didn’t trip and fall. But he did in fact have a box for me “Good thing you caught me because I wouldn’t be back.” His boss said otherwise. But yes the box was for me and it was from DBG Baby. To say I was shaking from possible excitement would be an understatement. I was buzzing! Fine I had also only had coffee at this point and it was now 1pm.

[image taken up close of a blue and grey wrap with Potter symbols and words on it.]
I rush back into the house to rip into the box (it was also freezing out and I only had on a thin t-shirt, jeans and slippers. I’m serious about getting fluff mail people. I was so excited to open the box and see this beautiful wrap in house colors I could have screamed. But I didn’t, we do not disturb nap time unless we have to. I opened the bag and took out the awesome tote (see above) and wrap and immediately messaged one of the owners to thank them for this early arrival. I then rushed to the washer to get it ready for after nap snuggles.

Let me tell you I really wish magic was real when it comes to wraps and washing and drying them. BUT I did get it finished before nap time and spam loom and bloom shots everywhere! Usually I weep a little when I hear my little one start to stir, but not yesterday I was up the stairs in a flash and had him wrapped in about ten minutes. In fact that’s one of the better times to wrap my guy because he’s still a little sleepy and pretty open to snuggles. I may make this a habit.

So what about the wrap? The wrap (as well as Hiss, Badger, and Eagle) are 100% Cotton. When I took it out of the dryer it felt super soft and like it had broken in quite a bit in the washer/dryer. It’s 285gsm so it’s thin, but not thin enough that I wouldn’t use it with my 23 pound toddler. In fact he felt really snug and secure in a double hammock for well over half an hour. The design seems to shimmer a bit someone said on one of my Instagram posts. Even my husband thought it was awesome…which never happens…ever.

As I mentioned above it’s really supportive and again as I’ve mentioned time and time again a lot has to do with the designs of wraps. I’ve had some wraps that are not grippy enough to lock into place and hold my little who loves to leg straighten. Sometimes they even have slipped which I’ve found with cotton wraps with very simple and spaced out designs. But this holds and locks in place really really well. At one point I tried to take ToddlerCroft down and he said “no no wrap wrap” and I only had to tighten the passes over my shoulder to get him snug again. Normally I’d have had to get him totally off my back and re-wrap him completely.

Long story short I thought our days of having a cotton wrap in my base size (a six) were done because he was getting bigger, but looks like this wrap proved me wrong.

If you’re interested to see what’s next from DBG Baby follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or join their Chatter Group on Facebook.


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