Awemama? Awe Yes!

Our box arrived Friday afternoon and naturally I couldn’t wait to open it and see what wrap we would get to try. [image of a white hand covering an address label. A brown box with tape that reads awemama is on the box in a T shape.]
As most of you know #ToddlerCroft and I started our wearing journey rather late. He was 6 months old when we got our first sling and nearly 7 when our first wrap arrived. Sure we had an infantino flip soft structure carrier (SSC) before our sling and wrap, but I didn’t like it and found it really uncomfortable. I also didn’t know about things like Babywearing International meetings where I could try carriers before I bought them. Once I did find out, as a non-driver, it was hard to make a meeting to get help or borrow anything from the lending library. Which left me looking through buy, sell, trade and chatter pages on Facebook and hoping that any wrap I bought would be great for me and my little. Needless to say there have been some hits and misses in the last 16-ish months. That being said….

I’m so happy be a part of the Awemama launch today! But what is it? It’s a babywearing subscription box! When you sign up you can list your preferences for a wrap, sling, SSC, etc, your size, and even a particular brand you might like to try all for $29.95 a month! You get to try the carrier, wrap, sling, etc. for roughly a month. (Though it needs to be postmarked 28 days from when you receive it.) Now you don’t get to pick the exact carrier you get. However, the more you try and leave feedback on the better the chance of really finding something you love. And if you really love the wrap you get…you can buy it! Sweet right?

What’s in the box!? [image of navy blue tissue paper with a sticker holding it closed. The sticker reads awe (in blue) mama (in black) and baby wearing made simple (in black) under it.]
Now I know a lot of caregivers like to temp trade with friends and strangers. Heck I’ve sent wraps traveling loads of times. Let me tell you the postage to do that adds up quick! But with your Awemama subscription you don’t pay postage to send the wrap back. You’ll receive a tyvek or other package and a label with shipping all done up and ready to go when you’re ready to return. PLUS no need to wash it once it arrive or when you return it. It’s pretty awesome of them if I do say so myself. I get super nervous about borrowing peoples wraps because I fear this will be the time my child throws up all over or worse.
So I was really excited to be asked to try this out before it launched today. Mostly because I’m now at the point where I want to try all the things. Partly because my little guy is getting bigger and it’s looking like he might be our only little. Trying new things without dropping over $100 or trying to sell something else to reverse fund is a really great option I think. Plus the surprise is also pretty nice! At first I didn’t think I would like not knowing what was coming, but it’s fun. Best part is if you really don’t like it, send it back and get something else sent to you.

We had ups almost immediately in our now go to Double Hammock carry. Which was a little sloppy. [image of a bespectacled white woman with pink, blue, purple, and brown hair. She is wearing a metal necklace, black shirt with gold writing, and brown sweater. Her little is wrapped on her back in a light blue and white wrap with birds and palm trees on it.]
By now you might be wondering what we got to try. Well all I said was my base size is a 6 and I’d really like to try more eco2 and nothing with wool (yes there’s a “anything else we need to know” section on your profile for allergies and such). So all I knew was it was coming in my base and wouldn’t be wool. When I opened our box I did chuckle a little at what was inside because we received a Cari Slings Palmae Tobago wrap.

Let me explain.  For the longest time (read since my guy was 7 months old to about 21 months) our stack had been made up of Cari’s. But at the moment we’re down to just one. In fact we recently sent an eco2 Moony’s Owl Post on to a new home. So I thought Tobago would be similar to Owl Post. But this feels thinner to me than the Owl Post wrap. That being said there’s still a lot of grip and just enough glide to make your passes with Tobago.

Anyway…I just found it funny that we’d get sent a Cari in our box. I was just hoping for a company I hadn’t had a wrap from yet. So we could try all the things from all the brands. Having said that it was nice to get to try this as I had only ever tried Palmae in cotton before which we loved for sure until it was time to send it on to be loved on by another little. Again, fun to see how different fabrics give a different feel to a wrap and wrapping qualities. I always said Cari cotton was magic, but eco2 with some of their designs is pretty rad too and very different. Eco2 in Owl Post feels super fluffy like an owl and in the Palmae I’d say it has more of a beach towel fluff to it.

I’m looking forward to trying out some different finishes while this wrap is here visiting and spamming it all over our Instagram page and Facebook page. Added “bonus” my guy seems to be getting a little cold so this week will be all about the snuggles. When he’s under the weather we wear a lot. While I hate to have him sick, I love all the cuddles. While he doesn’t weigh a lot for his age (22 months), I’m finding eco2 and ecocel are really what works for us. So look out for ALL the spam!

Long story short if you want to try all the wraps, slings, SSC’s and more like me go and sign up for Awemama today! They’re also on Instagram, Facebook, and have a chatter group too! So if this sounds like something you want to try sign up today and expect a surprise in a few days. After all fluff mail is awesome, but surprise fluff mail might just be my new favorite thing! Let me know if you sign up and what you get in your first box! I’m really excited about this company and the community they’re building.

My thanks to awemama for asking me to take part in their site launch and sending us a wrap to try out! It was an awesome surprise and we’re honored to be a part of today!



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