Chem-what now?

I recently found a new (sadly not local) to me coffee company that does small batches of caffeinated heaven in a cup. Yep Iron Bean Coffee Co. (IBCC) is the stuff that coffee dreams are made of. Seriously…it’s delicious. So delicious that I’m running a giveaway which you can enter here (it ends tomorrow night…so get going)!

Anyway, I’d been drinking it in the make-your-own k-cup things and thought it was good, but it could be better. So I swapped my Keurig for a one cup brewer with a small basket. The coffee again was better but still needed something. So I hit up the IBCC fan group for ideas on what would make my coffee better, but not break the bank. Lots of members swore by the CHEMEX brewer, so did a few friends. However, I just couldn’t go spending close to $60 on myself when Christmas was coming. So I added it to my Amazon wishlist and went about my day.

Then the most amazing thing happened this week. A mystery friend from a parent group I’m in sent me one with filters as part of our mug exchange group (and yes a mug is still coming). Needless to say I really wish this person would reveal themselves because they went WAY over the limit. WAY OVER. I am super emotional still about it. I also want to thank them more than I have in the group. Heck I want to invite them to have some coffee with me!

[image of a glass with wooden handle. There is a filter in the brewer and coffee in the base. Next to it is a bag of coffee and teal belly mug with threaded B.]
So the people in the IBCC group were right. My coffee has never tasted so smooth before. It’s like I’m just tasting the coffee and nothing else. Let’s put it this way…my coffee typically looks like the color of tea once I’m done adding creamer. But since the CHEMEX I’ve had at least three cups with nothing in it. And that’s huge for me. Also if I thought I was a coffee snob before….I certainly more of a snob now. Someone asked to go meet for coffee at a certain Seattle based coffee place and I suggested they just one here. Yeah, I’m THAT coffee person now. I’m not sorry.

Needless to say I’m really enjoying my coffee this way and I love the coffee too. I’ve tried 3 of the seven I have on hand and each one just keeps getting better. I really can’t pick a favorite yet. Though I did order a bigger bag of their Ride or Die blend. Which is billed as their Biker’s Blend, which I’m not, but I have a toddler which I feel makes me an honorary badass. So there’s that. It also reminds me of the morning coffee you get at a diner but 100 times better with more flavors, plus a hint of chocolate. Winning in my books. I love this coffee so much that besides the giveaway I’ve ordered a bag for a friend and for her to giveaway later next month!

Yeah I know what my dad and brother are getting for Christmas too. Oh and don’t think I won’t be asking for more….because you can bet this coffee will be top of my list. Now if you’ll excuse me, my couch is calling me in for a nap!


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