I do believe in fairies!

In one of the babywearing chatter groups (where we talk about wraps specific to a particular company) fairies have started to pop up. Not the kind that fly, but the kind that anonymously grant wishes. I’ve been visited by the Cari Fairy, as they’re known a few times. Usually after noting a rather hard week or just because. I may have also played fairy a time or more too.

Well, Monday one of the talented scrap artists in our group stocked her site with new goodies….the blue and white tote and the e-reader sleeve in the featured image above were two such things. I was really looking for the orange colored tote styled like the blue and white one because when we did the wrap reveal for it a tote wasn’t included. I’d mentioned this to Annie of Blue Jean Baby and well when my order arrived an original Buccoo tote was included!

While it’s nice to be visited by a fairy, it’s also fun fairying it forward too!



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