Jeepers Creepers What’s Wrong With Your Peepers?

Yesterday I shared a thing on the Facebook page about the use of image descriptions and why they are helpful that was then shared in a babywearing group I’m in. Which was totally cool, but did give me all the anxiety. A little because of the subject matter, but also because it’s one of the few pictures you can actually SEE the film on my glasses to correct the double vision I was “gifted” after my eye surgery in 2015. Here’s the post:

There was this great article (unavailable now) a while back on why image descriptions should be used to help make spaces like Facebook more accessible for those who are visually impaired…like me. Surprise these glasses aren’t just to make me look super snazzy. Jokes aside buckle in I’m going to lay some things out for you.

Long story short. I’ve had countless eye surgeries since I was 4. However, all those surgeries have left my eyes not in the best shape. So when people use image descriptions it helps me (and others like me) see the whole picture past what can be seen in just the image.

I know what your thinking…writing them out is super tedious. But it doesn’t have to be. I’ve been doing them for so long my phone knows what I want to say. Sometimes before I do! Others have saved a basic description on their phone in order to add in the new info when they post. Easy right? 😁 [grin emoji] Yeah emojis too.

How detailed you want to be is up to you. I like to let people know I wear glasses and what color my outfit is and if I’m wearing a funky lip color. I also add in say the color and pattern of the wrap I’m wearing as well as if we’re outside or inside. If you have any questions let me know! Thanks for reading.

ETA Hashtags should also be capitalized #ItReallyHelps

[image of a bespectacled white woman wearing a black tank top. Her finger is pointing towards her glasses and she has a silly expression on her face. She’s sitting on a tan couch looking at the camera.]
And the picture to the right went with it. I only realized today that you can really notice the piece of special film on my glasses. If I’m being honest it bugs me because people notice it and sometimes they aren’t as nice about it, even family. For example a relative saw it a month or so ago and said “What the hell is that on your glasses?” and they said it loud enough that EVERYONE stopped and looked at me. Awesome!

But it’s there and I usually forget it is. Unless someone is kind enough to mention it…because of course they mention it. Thankfully, I have awesome friends who just tell me to embrace it and to tell people that in fact it’s some part of my evil genius. So that’s what I do, try to have fun with it.

Also a warm welcome to anyone who has made there way to the blog from the group and/or the Facebook page. I’ll try to keep up here as best I can, but having a toddler doesn’t often give me a lot of free time. In fact I’m giving up some of my much needed nap time for this post. But I wanted to get it out there.

So if you read through my rambles to this point, thank you and I hope you come back for more!


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