Momma time and the tiny squish

I was off getting some much needed momma alone time this morning (read mani/pedi). While I was in the pedicure chair a momma came in with her friend. So what? What I failed to notice first was the Infantino carrier and tiny 3 month old in it. Of course once she took her out my ovaries went on high alert. Let me tell you there is NO talking them down when such a tiny squish is feet away.

Kudos to her for bringing her little one out. I typically never brought #ToddlerCroft to such places when he was tiny because frankly I needed my time away. Not because I NEEDED to be away from him, but because I needed to be me…if that makes any sense to you. Of course every woman in the pedicure area was trying not to creep on this sweet little baby. But we all did. Me because I can’t believe my 18 month old was that tiny even if I have the pics to prove it!

Of course we ALL spoke up when the little casually spit up all over. Ooopsie, but we’ve all been there. Heck it’s why my child had a bib on the first 4 months of his life (unless he was sleeping) In fact I used to be super picky about my clothing and how clean it was. Let me tell you I got over that after the second time my son puked down my shirt. Spit up happens….a lot! There was of course one woman who rolled her eyes as she was brought back for her pedicure. But the little miss showed her and didn’t make a peep the entire time. I wanted to high five the baby and her mom. Ok I also wanted to flip off the eye roller too.

Long story short I will now be talking my ovaries down for the next week. So thank you new momma and squish (I loved it).


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