En Pointe

Last Friday night I found myself lost in the ballet. Meaning it was visually stunning and I also had no idea what the point of some of the movements were about. But I still enjoyed myself immensely! It reminded me of my much younger days of taking ballet and wishing I had stayed with it longer than I did. I’ve picked up classes here and there while in college and after, but nothing stuck. I’m considering taking a class again this fall for sure.

Anyway…we saw the NYC Ballet at SPAC (their Summer home). It was a nice night and I actually recognized some of the company. Not because I’ve followed ballet, but because my son and I saw two of their Principles on Julie’s Greenroom on Netflix. The dancers in question were Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild. Only Ms. Peck was performing this evening as Principle in two movements. Wow was she phenomenal! At the time of Julie’s Greenroom Peck and Fairchild were married (isn’t that romantic?)…but my digging brought up that they were now separated.

The sadder thing about the event at SPAC was that the pavilion seating was pretty empty. Sure I may not have gotten the idea of what they were trying to convey on stage, but it was a shame that the inside seats were pretty empty. BUT there were loads of people on the lawn. So maybe it’s the pricing SPAC has for their inside seating? Or maybe there aren’t as many ballet goers in the Capital Region as I would hope.

I on the other hand have been looking at tickets for NYC Ballet performances this Fall/Winter…but that’s me.


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