Colds Suck {Review of @lovebugpro}

A few weeks back now I was asked to be an ambassador for LoveBug Probiotics. Here we are a few weeks later and I feel ready to talk about one of their products that I’ve been trying. It’s called Colds Suck and at the time it was perfect because I had just been diagnosed with Lyme Disease AGAIN. So I was on some pretty powerful antibiotics to kick it to the curb. From their website Colds Suck is described:

The common cold is a monster torturing its victims with days or even weeks of coughing, wheezing, sore throat and completely sapped energy. The key to avoiding the pain and suffering with colds can lie within – our immune systems get wrecked by diet, stress, antibiotics, and other culprits, leaving us vulnerable. Colds Suck supplements are designed to strengthen your immune system by arming you with our proprietary blend of good bacteria and helpful vitamins and minerals. This probiotic punch helps repopulate your microbiome with an army of the good bugs.

Colds Suck supplements contain a deliberate combination of 4 probiotic strains and immune-boosting vitamins.

I know what you might be thinking…how is this going to help with the antibiotics your taking seeing as you don’t have a cold? That’s what I thought too, but then I got to thinking that my allergies really kick me in the bum around this time of year. So why suffer with that on top of Lyme AND the sinus infection I also had? (When it rains it pours!) The suggested dose was two a day or four a day for maximum assistance. Naturally I went with four a day (two in the am, and two mid/late afternoon…go big or go home right?

I was skeptical at first, I’m not sure why, but I was. Like was this really going to help keep colds at bay or help me get over one faster. Could it help with my allergies? Why yes, yes it did. See I started to notice when I missed a dose my nose would get all stuffy again and my throat would get dry and my eyes would itch. Yet here I am today being on it two weeks straight and my nose it clear and my eyes don’t itch. Dare I say it, life is good!

I’m curious to see how things change once I switch over to the next bottle which is either Yeast is a Beast or Here’s the Skinny. I’m not sure which to try next. So here’s the deal go on and click the links to each and tell me what you think. Me I’m leaning towards Here’s the Skinny because it’s supposed to help with digestive function and with my Celiacs I could use all the help I can get. That being said I still want to hear your thoughts.

They also have a probiotic for expecting momma’s as well as a line for little tummy’s. I’m not sure if we’ll be trying any of those products, but you never know.



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