I haven’t been in the baby wearing community long. Less than a year actually. Though I admit it feels like much longer. Unless I’m way off I’ll actually celebrate a year in early-July, but I’d honestly have to go look at my pictures to tell you for sure. Anyway, I had a point with this whole post. The babywearing community is one of the few communities I’ve ever felt welcome in. I mean sure, it too has it’s drama. Show me a group that doesn’t and I’ll show you a liar.

But really I have “met” some of my closest friends through babywearing. One day I hope I get to meet them in person too! Now that I think about it one such friend will be coming to see us later in August, so I am super excited for that! You seriously have NO idea how excited. Right, I keep getting off course. Hey it’s Monday.

One of the moms in a few of my babywearing groups is needing a pick me up. For reals this momma is a sweetie. Like would give you the shirt off her back without you asking for it sweet. She also happens to have a wrap named after her (yeah how cool is that?). So another friend has gone ahead and sent her wrap named that’s named for the momma traveling. I was lucky enough to get it first. So I’ve been wearing it like it’s my job and loving every minute of it.

Then again I love me some rainbows. In fact I own another rainbow colored wrap already so I don’t NEED another. But that does not stop the want of another. Money stops the want though (side note someone by my handwoven) dead in it’s tracks. So it’s nice to have wraps come by to visit. Though it’s also really bad when you want them to stay.

Right so the whole point of this post is that babywearers (drama aside) are pretty awesome people who look out for one another and raise one another up in any way they can. I for one am happy to have found this community and been welcomed into it.


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