I’ve recently had a lot of fluff arrive at my house. For those not in the know, fluff typically means baby wearing mail. Once of which I ordered with a friend and the other two are just passing through for now. Though my husband about had a heart attack when he kept seeing broken down USPS boxes pile up before recycling day.

So what’s arrived? Well, first there was the mystery box I split with a wonderful momma. I was lucky to get the wrap I requested with Madeline Tigress from Cari Slings.

[image of a bespectacled white woman with short hair, wearing dark green lip stain, and grey tank with unseen Frozen design. Her white toddler is on her back with only his cream hood showing. He is wrapped in a yellow and white tiger print wrap. They are both looking at the camera and there is a light colored house behind them.]

Then there was the Serenade of Water also from Cari. But I just shared that one…so no spam for you! You can see in the featured image that 221b has also come back to us for a visit. Man I’ve missed that wrap. I don’t want it to leave…. Last but not least there’s also this awesome visitor from DBG Baby, Carry On Baby is a pretty awesome Supernatural inspired wrap and we’re having fun with it while it’s visiting us.

[image of a white woman with short hair and glasses. She is wearing a grey sweatshirt and unseen tank top. Her toddler, also not visible, is on her back. The wrap is white and grey with various Supernatural symbols on it including: Baby, The Impala, a sign that reads Driver Picks The Music, and Baby’s Kansas license plate.]
And that’s all she wrote at this point. Though I’m awaiting the mailman and I’m pretty sure he’s got fluff for me too…but he sure is taking his sweet time today… Looks like I know someone not getting the Christmas cookies I never make! Stay tuned for more spam, fluff and reviews of these great wraps as we further try them out!


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