It’s Love

Oddly enough it wasn’t love when I first saw the pre-order for Serenade of Water open in Cari Sling Chatter. Why? Nothing against the wrap at all. The color was gorgeous but I didn’t really consider myself a gamer. So I felt like I would be a phony if I ordered the wrap. But still the colors haunted me. Then my friend Angie who owns Sunshine Wrap Scraps¬†mentioned she had enough to make me a scarf. Well, color me interested. The scarf arrived Monday in time for my husband to see it before he headed off to work (thanks early mail). Well, he loved it.

As it happened another friend was selling hers in the chatter group so I jumped on it. We were already doing a trade for some scrap. But I did not expect it to turn up for a week or so. Then she sent me the tracking…which looked a lot like an insured package number…she just sent me a smiley in response. Sneaky sneaky. However, this beauty arrived yesterday when I really needed it. Wicked sinus infection and blood work made for a crap-tastic day. So coming home to this was AWESOME.

[image collage. The left picture is a white man with dark hair and sunglasses wearing a black shirt and plaid shorts. He has his son wrapped to his chest in a blue and white wrap with Zelda symbols. The toddler is wearing a blue outfit. Their faces are not visible. In the right image the same man, toddler, and wrap are shown. But he is holding a closed beer bottle and looking at the toddler. The toddler is looking at the beer.]
Better still I convinced my husband to wrap with it! And I may be a little biased, but they looked super cute. He seemed to enjoy it and I’ll tell you ToddlerCroft sure did. Little dude LOVES his ups and he loves his daddy. Win win.

It’s always nice when a new wrap comes into the house that everyone enjoys. Though I’ll admit freely now that I love everything about this wrap. Even the Legend of Zelda bit. Why? Because as it turns out I’ve played more LoZ then the hubs…go figure.

In fact I’ve got some plans in the works with this wrap. So stay tuned for more pictures coming soonish. Muahahahaha.

Next post look for me talking about a beautiful wrap I recently did some modeling for with ToddlerCroft. It’ll be fun I promise…maybe.


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