Mommy’s Night Out

So last night I went to go see Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-In Tour at our local theatre. The ticket for me was free, but I wasn’t expecting the seat to be in the FIRST row. I don’t think I’ve ever sat first row for anything before. Ok, not true, Blue Man Group was front row. Let me tell you that show prepared me for having a toddler who like to throw food. What a mess.

Anyway, the show was awesome and Kathy was hilarious! I’d caught her Bravo show a time or two, but that was it. But this was really fun. What wasn’t so fun was the loud drunk woman also in the front row. She was very loud and I think she thought Kathy was only talking to her the whole night. Yeah that was good times. There was also this woman who called my friend and I “mean” because we wouldn’t pass her book up to Kathy at the end of the show.

I get really uncomfortable with that kind of stuff. Plus she was running up and down the middle of the stage and nowhere near where we were standing. A comedy show isn’t the place to get your book signed. A book signing is the place for that. Or she could have tried the stage door. I’m also pretty sure the woman didn’t have a pen with her…so I’m not sure how that was going to work out. So I wasn’t being mean. I was being realistic with the situation.

[image of a white woman with shirt brown hair and sunglasses wearing a dress with different colored cassette tapes. She’s looking at the camera and standing outside.]
Either way I had a great night out, including sushi after the show minus my little and my husband. Sure I go out to dinner or the movies with my gal pals now and again. But this was really fun. I even put on make-up AND a dress so you know it was serious business. The only truly sad part of the night was my son went to bed with no nursing or missing me. In fact he even slept through the night! So that makes me sad that we’re slowing down that routine of bed time too. Not to worry he was all about the boobs at nap time today.

Today was running around doing errands all while trying to beat the nap time clock. We almost had an early nap on our hands by the time we made it to Target and spent way more money than I thought we did. Meaning I actually whipped out the calculator on my phone and was adding up everything money. Curse you Target!

We also hit up the local beer distributor for some gluten free goodness. I’ve been sort of sick of cider recently and I wanted some gluten free beer. Their selection has shrunk considerably at our local place. The dude there assured me it’s only been “condensed to a smaller section”…yeah…and thus eliminating half the gf beer they used to carry. Meanwhile the gluten free cider section is booming. Good times. It’s all good though because it’s pizza night and this time mommy has beer to go with her pizza. Yum!


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