Here’s some fluff

So my last post was pretty deep. They aren’t all so revealing, I guess is the word I’m looking for. But I needed to get that one out and off my chest. So to counter that a bit here’s some good upbeat fluffy news.

Little dude and I are doing some promo shots for a new to us babywearing company. So above you’ll find a little hint as to the wrap we’ll be getting pictures with soon. What I can tell you is it’s amazingly soft and cushy. Plus I feel a little like it wraps itself. The one we have is a size 4, but it’s a long 4 for sure (see what I did there?). I was able to pull off a back wrap cross carry and have tails to spare. When I tried this with another 4 recently I had nothing left to tie off with and had to go with another carry.

I already posted about this on Facebook, so apologies if you’re seeing the same teaser show up, but thems the breaks. Happy Friday friends.


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