Rain rain go away…

I was hoping to get outside this morning with ToddlerCroft to burn off the energy he stored up overnight. At first I thought for sure it was sunny out. But as if someone flipped a switch rain and lots of it. Curses plans foiled again. So here I sit typing while he watches “The Furchester Hotel”. I use the term watches loosely here because he only watches when they sing. The rest of the time he destroys the living room with his toys thrown everywhere. It’s good times.

Meanwhile I HAD coffee that was warn…it isn’t now. And the worst bit is we still don’t have a working microwave. I mean we have the new one, we don’t have the cabinet to attach it to. Thanks SEARS guy who said we didn’t need anything to attach the new one to. Sigh. So I guess “iced” coffee it is. Uh yum.

Time to get to work for a bit before lunch and nap time for ToddleCroft. Thankfully he’s a pretty good little dude.


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