Oh hey Monday…

Goodness do I ache. We took ToddlerCroft to an indoor play place Saturday and I took him down a twisty enclosed slide. This was a mistake. I am so sore from holding myself funny when I took him down.

Added bonus today…someone who isn’t me shoved too much breakfast in his mouth so I got to see it come back for an encore…thanks dude I wasn’t ready to be done with my breakfast just yet…but there I was so done and grossed out. In fact I was a little concerned that I would toss my own breakfast.

It’s not even noon and the little and I are basically done with the day and ready for nap time. Will I nap too? Probably not as I have some work to get done. But if I can get an hour in I will be so happy! Oh and I finished Thirteen Reasons Why, so I hope to get a review of that up here soon. Though I’m still processing it at the moment.


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