Sooo….I’ve been a little busy!

I got carried away with work this week which means I’m scheduled ahead with some things and still need to schedule others. It’s really awesome when you have a little who is content to play by himself while I work. Of course nap time is also an excellent time to power through work too. But sometimes momma needs a nap too. Once my husband would get home from work we’d be busy with family things. So this is literally the first time I’ve had time to sit down and write anything in 8 days!

Which is 8 days too many! Good news is I also managed to read a book in that time. I was watching the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”, but I had to stop for a bit. First because it was reminding me on my own experiences with a bully in middle/high school and I needed a break. The second reason was I knew there was a book and I wanted to read that first. I’ve typically found that books are usually better than the movie or tv show. I was right, I much preferred the book to the series. I will say I’m still processing the book and will write a full review on Goodreads soonish.

Anyway, adventures in toddlerhood have been interesting this week. Tantrums have begun and I am NOT a fan. Though I don’t know many parents who would say they were fans so there we are. Thankfully the sweet moments FAR outweigh the tantrums, but still how long do these last? This week I have also been on the hunt for cups that are leak proof and crack proof. ToddlerCroft loves pushing his cups off the high chair tray onto the floor…which I think contributed to me needing to throw two in the recycling bin and buying new.

I picked up two I’m not wild about, but will use for water cups or send them over to his grandparents house to keep there. The issue with them is they are super hard to take apart and clean. Boo on that! So today I picked up two Skip Hop straw cups and a CamelBak (see featured image) for little, with help from his Mema – because he needed it she said. Hey I will not say no! Let me tell you I am SOLD on CamelBak. So much so that I ordered a grownup one for myself. Part of the whole I need to take better care of myself thing I’m working on.

This thing doesn’t leak (you just need to make sure the straw is super snug or all bets are off. Learned that lesson the hard way. Plus the little seems to think it’s pretty cool. He carried it all by himself (he is a big boy after all) on our adventure outside with his cousin and her bubbles. I seriously had to pry it from his tiny hands to take him up for a nap…this is a new development. I’m glad he loves it. I’m looking forward to getting mine early next week too.

Other than that there isn’t too much new with me or the little. Though we are doing two photo shoots soon for two wrap companies. I’m super excited…I mean my kid is adorable…though I might be a little biased. I’ve also been asked to be a brand ambassador for a probiotics company called lovebug Probiotics. I get my first box soon so look for those reviews here and an unboxing video on the Facebook page too! I’m pretty excited about where life is going these days, though I feel like I need more hours in the day now more than ever before.

But that’s the toddler mom life isn’t it?


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