I am Apple scum

So I’m not really scum, but I do like my apple products. Long story short we had a groovy tax return and opted to give ourselves some green to play with. I wanted to upgrade my Fitbit. You can see by the image above that worked out well. I looked at the FitBit Blaze, but it wasn’t ascetically pleasing to me. The face was HUGE even though the band was the right size. Y’all my wrists are SMALL. Someone asked if I had heard of the Apple Watch…uh yes. I mean didn’t the app turn up on my phone over a year ago and I removed it?

But it got me thinking. I spend a lot of time online due to my job and also get a little too hooked to my phone. Which is not good modeling for ToddlerCroft at all. So the more I thought about it the more I wanted to go look at and probably buy the Apple Watch. I was waiting for my husband to talk smack about another Apple product coming into our house. He is not an Apple fan. Honestly, I’m glad we have these differences we can joke about with one another. He didn’t, he just wanted me to make sure whatever I got was what I really wanted. Heck he even asked questions I didn’t think of at the store.

In the end I went with the series 1 in space grey with black band. Yeah I’m asking for a bright red band for Mother’s Day. It sucks you can’t pick the band you want at no additional cost, but whatever. I just made Mother’s Day super easy for the hubs and kid. I also didn’t need the extra fancy bells and whistles of the series 2…..GPS (I don’t drive) and totally waterproof (like in a pool waterproof….I can totes shower with this one). Plus the higher price tag was not my jam either.

So now I’ve gotta learn all the bells and whistles and what I really want and don’t with the watch. But so far it’s cool and I love the reminders to move and the little challenges it gives me. Because I legit need to be reminded to get off my bum and move. To be honest sometimes ToddlerCroft does too. Look for a more in depth review in a few weeks once I’ve had more than 4 hours with it. That being said so far so good. It’ll be interesting to see how sleep is tracked with this bad boy over the Alta, because I feel like that one was a joke.

Now to enjoy the last 45 minutes of ToddlerCroft’s nap and check out all the info that came with this and maybe eat….


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