How I met your father

I swear this story will not take a bajillion seasons to get through only to end up ticked in the end. This one has an awesome ending.

Right so there I was returning to college in my mid-twenties ay yet another all women college. Second semester a few of my friends say they were going to hang out up the hill at a fraternity house with some of the brothers they knew. Did I want to go? Sure why not, what could go wrong? Well, turns out they all bailed to hang out privately with the guys they knew leaving me not knowing anyone and left to wander around the house.

It made it to the third floor before I found another person or an open door. Fun times. But there was this open door and a poster from the movie The Usual Suspects hanging on the wall. The person in the room had their back to me so I called out “Cool poster, it’s a favorite movie.” The guy in question turned around and smiled and asked me to come on in. Little did I know that seven years later we’d be getting married and 13 years later we’d have ToddlerCroft.

Did we start dating right away? Nope he had a pretty steady girlfriend at the time. But we did hang out. Which was fine I wasn’t into wrecking homes and he was cool even if not available to date. That would come three years later and the rest as they say is history. But all it took was a movie about five criminals to bring us together. Seriously it’s a good movie and you should check it out if you haven’t. I wouldn’t recommend it before bedtime as there’s a lot of violence and cursing. Very worth watching.

I’m pretty sure we threw out the poster shortly after I took this picture which is a shame if we did. We should have kept it as some sort of weird keepsake or something. Then again that’s how we end up with all this crap we never use…but that’s a post for another time. I’ve gotta get back to work while the napping is happening because to be honest I need a nap too!


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