Wait ToddlerCroft?

Right, so this one came about while he was still cooking. I went to a Sherlock Holmes Convention in Maryland called GridLOCKDC (seriously fun times) when I was about 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I may have been further along, all I remember was I was still in the safe fly zone. Anyway one of my friends when she saw me asked what we were having. At the time we weren’t telling. I did tell her that we were calling the little love Sprout…for now. She immediately dubbed my belly SproutCroft.

And it stuck. He even had his own hashtag on twitter and instagram! A little backstory to explain further. I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. The stories, adaptations, etc. I’m also kind of like BBC Sherlock’s Mycroft. If you know me you can totally see it. So it only seemed natural that my kid would be like me, right? However, seeing as he’s now a toddler I thought it only fair that he get an upgrade. Of course now I’m getting asked when SproutLock is coming…well, y’all are going to have to wait for that one for the foreseeable future. Sorry but them’s the breaks.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go read the canon to this kid. Start them young I say! Ok in reality it’s lunch time and he’s having a meltdown.


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