Stack Shot Sunday {babywearing}

Yaro Quantum in green, hemp blend

The stack you see above has gone through many changes since we began our babywearing journey last July. We started with a ring sling and wrap (prior to those we tried a Bei Dai and Infantino Flip both of which were not comfortable for me at all). The wrap was inspired by Doctor Who and I swore it was going to be my ONLY wrap ever. Boy how wrong was I? It was the one that sent me down the rabbit hole. I loved that wrap, but I sold it to fund something I thought I was desperately in search of (DISO). Turns out I ended up selling the DISO a few months after I got it. But that the nature of the churn bug in the babywearing community.

The featured image in this post is the current wrap stack situation. Top to bottom:

#solidarity rainbow ring sling – Cari Slings
A la Folie Green emerald cottolin, M-Twill (in my base 5) – Heartiness Handwoven
Serendipity Double Helix (also a 5) – Cari Slings
The Pilot (6) – Cari Slings
Rigel Cherry Weft (7) – Shiny Star Designs, though this bad boy/girl? needs to be chopped as I cannot hack a 7. I’m thinking a 4 and then fabric left over to sell or have fun with!

So you see I like my Cari’s, I also like to try new things too. And that’s what this latest shake up was all about. I’ve also located some old stack shots from the last nine months. So I’ll be sharing those each Sunday if I remember and don’t run out of pictures!

What does your stack look like? I’m interested to see them!


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