Do you hear that?

Nope, you hear nothing. Why? Because ToddlerCroft is asleep and dreaming of turning my living room upside down tomorrow. Seriously take a good look at the image up there. You can see my nice and neat living room, no toys thrown about. What you don’t see is the laundry basket under the table full of toys. Honestly that was the best $10 we ever spent at Target! There’s also a cube thing to the left just outside of view filled with books, wrap scraps, diapers and who knows what else? No really there’s a mystery bin that has a hot mess of things in it, I suspect my husband is behind what’s in that bin…

St. ignominious the Elder (orange stripes) and Satly (black and red). Photobomb thanks to BrowncoatDada

In all honesty I love that ToddlerCroft plays with so many toys. He’s 15 months now and is at the age where he actually plays with things by himself. His favorites are two stuffed wrap scrap dragons I bought him around Christmas and Valentines day. and they are adorable. I didn’t want to give them up, but I’m a nice mom like that.

He even calls them his babies. I really should make him his own little sling for them. You know in all my free time that I don’t have. No really, we were given a sewing machine back in August and that bad boy is still in the box up in my would be sewing room. So there’s some progress…it’s in the right room now. Sad bit is I enjoyed sewing when I used to do it many moons ago. Hopefully one day soon. I mean the kid has to go to college or move out of the house at some point right?

Long story short I’m going to go enjoy my clean living room while the little sleeps. How do you keep your kid space clean? Do you bother?




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