Why Browncoat Momma?

Weird right? Well, not if you know me. In this house we love geeky things. One of our favorite things is the show Firefly. Now it’s not on the air anymore (which is super irritating…thanks FOX!) but it’s still got a huge following of people who call themselves…you guessed it Browncoats. These were the guys on the losing side, but I’m not saying it was the wrong side. So I figured if I was going to do the blog thing again this would be the name to go with. Plus I already had the twitter and instagram account so there we are.

Also if you hear me talk about a little dude named ToddlerCroft, that’d be my little dude. We try to keep his internets presence to a minimum. So if you see a random smiley face wrapped to my body that’s him. If we’re buds you know what he looks like and one day when he’s old enough to say “Hey, I am cute as heck put me online” I will make that a thing. Until that time….super randomly smiley faces.


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