Heartiness Handwoven

So I’ve been into wearing my little dude for almost a year now. And in that time we’ve tried a lot of wraps. I sort of fell down a rabbit hole once I got my first. I’d tried many a blend and found that tencel/cotton was in fact my jam. I also feared two things: natty wraps and handwovens. Why you ask? With the natty I feared the dirt that would certainly show all over said white/cream wrap. As for the handwoven those bad boys are typically super pricey and no way on earth could I afford one. Or so I thought.

A week or so ago I got the churn bug pretty hard and sold two wraps and a ring sling. So I was sitting on a good chunk of change. That’s when a friend convinced me to give handwovens a try. She had found me one at a great price and I bought it. The wrap in question is a Heartiness called A la Folie and is Green emerald cottolin, M-Twill. I didn’t know what to expect. From the photos of it online it looked big and bulky and frankly a little terrifying.

But it arrived Wednesday and I wasn’t home! Isn’t that always the way? But we arrived home that night to find this new beauty sitting on our back porch just waiting for us. Of course we’d just brought dinner home too so a test drive would have to wait. I was like a kid at Christmas all through dinner. Finally ToddlerCroft was clean and it was time to wrap! I went with a new favorite, the seatless double hammock. As you can see from the picture above my top rail still needs some work, but we were both comfy and the little was secure.

My first impression was this thing is super floppy and perfectly broken in by the momma who owned it before me. I couldn’t tell I was carrying the little either, he legit felt weightless on my back. In fact I wore him for a good 45 minutes or more which is a record for us. I have to say I’m seriously in love with this wrap. It’s totally permastash here. And the greens and blues are just amazing. The only problem is it reminds me of Ireland and makes me want to go back NOW. Oh well, one day!

The picture above does not do it justice at all. It’s one of those – where has this been all my life? kind of things. So I no longer fear the handwoven, but I do worry about our first pull that could happen with this gem. But nattys…well those are still in the fear column. Maybe one day that will change before our wearing days are done.


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